Australian Association of Nurse Surgical Assistants

AANSA is the Australian Association of Nurse Surgical Assistants. We are Registered Nurses who have post-graduate qualifications specialising as perioperative surgical assistants. We are officially given the title – Perioperative Nurse Surgeons Assistant (PNSA).

Our mission is to provide high-quality, professional, surgical assist care for the surgeons that require us, and more importantly, to the patients that we help care for.  This includes pre-operative assessment, intra-operative surgical assisting, post-operative assessment and planning and results in detailed communication of the patients specific health status, needs and requirements to all of the healthcare disciplines involved.  Rest assured you are being cared for and operated on by a team that strives for the very best result for your health.

2020 Annual General Meeting

28th November 

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Annual General Meeting

28th November 2020. 

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NEW MEMBERS SIGN UP HERE:  Click here to apply for your membership today. Please note you must be a qualified PNSA or a student of the course to apply.  Documents must be uploaded to the application form so the executive can approve membership. (Username will be your email address & you choose your own password)

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